Canadians Get Silly to "Rob" the Bank on New Game Show Instant Cash

What would you do if you came back from your lunch-break $15,000 richer? Pay-off your holiday bills? Book your spring break vacation? Get hitched? Some lucky Canadians recently had to answer that question after they found themselves as contestants on Instant Cash, a new Canadian-made television game show, premiering January 31 on TVtropolis.

Instant Cash stars a contest-loving bank machine that delivers plenty of surprises and big laughs! With hidden cameras capturing every unscripted moment, unsuspecting contestants are put to the test with trivia questions, cheeky challenges, and mischievous pranks. With $15,000 at stake, contestants are willing to do just about anything.

In each episode, contestants are caught off guard by flashing lights and pinging sounds when they unwittingly place their debit cards in what appears to be a normal bank machine. Before they know it, they are catapulted into a public spectacle where strangers become their number one fans and perhaps their ticket to hitting the jackpot.

With an engaging format that combines elements of a hidden camera, trivia, and pranks, each contestant has a chance at going head-to-head with the sharp-shooting ATM in 10 rounds of trivia and dares, including everything from shaving a stranger’s legs to stripping down to their intimates, all in the name of cash.

Instant Cash is a Cineflix (ICC) Inc. production in association with Shaw Media.  Executive Producer is Simon Lloyd and Co-Executive Producer is Philip Whelan. Instant Cash is being distributed globally by Cineflix International.

On Episode 1 of Instant Cash...

In a series of double-dares, Robyn is challenged to get up-close-and-personal with strangers. Tim and Dany are challenged by some fowl trivia. And Nigel and Richard sashay through the mall in high heels before animating a pair of puppets.


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