All-American Girls Fighting Satan: Cineflix Developing Teenage Exorcist Series

Cineflix delves into the world of demonic possession with the development of a new series on teenage exorcists. The series follows five teenage girls as they train to become Christian exorcists, learning the holy art of casting out demons under the tutelage of the Reverend Bob Larson of Spiritual Freedom Churches. The Reverend Bob’s daughter Brynne, along with her friends Savannah, Tess, Christina, and Melanie, attend the Reverend’s school for exorcists, and are shaking up the trade with their new brand of exorcism.

These all-American girls are pretty, eloquent and well rounded. In fact, they’re just like most teenagers, with one big exception: while their peers are off partying, these girls are out fighting Satan – up close and personal. Performing exorcisms on troubled individuals whom they deem to be possessed is part of their every day life.

When they’re not exorcising demons, they’re doing regular teenage activities like competing in beauty pageants, horseback riding, sports, and karate.

This show isn’t Hollywood’s depiction of exorcism. This is the real-life story of five teenage girls and their battle against what they see as an epidemic of demonic possession in suburban America. The girls and the Reverend Bob believe they are on a God-given mission to save the souls of the possessed.

Additional information will be announced in the coming weeks.

Simon Lloyd and Joe Houlihan are developing the series.

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