Cineflix Productions Wins Two BBC Series Commissions

Cineflix Productions (UK) has won a major commission for Pet School, a series forming the centrepiece of a campaign in the run up to the festive season on the theme of looking after pets.  Cineflix has also been commissioned by BBC Daytime to produce Claimers – an observational series exposing fraudsters making false insurance claims.

Pet School (10x30’), CBBC, is a fun, informative format which makes eight children who are desperate to own a pet face up to the daily reality of caring for an animal. Taking responsibility for Pet School’s menagerie of animals including dogs, cats, hamsters and ponies, the children learn about the daily routines including grooming, feeding and cleaning by actually doing it. Celeb owners and experts drop in to offer some interesting insights into some of the more bizarre animals kept as pets. At the end of the series, and in the run up to the festive season the kids decide whether they still want a pet, and find out whether their parents think they are capable and committed enough to have their pet owning dreams come true.

Pet School is the heart of a BBC season on pet ownership.  The series also has the support of the PDSA (People’s Dispensary For Sick Animals), the UK’s leading veterinary charity.

Every year, thousands of fake insurance claims are made by the British public, and the result is increased premiums for everybody else.  Claimers (10x30’), BBC One, is a fast moving documentary series that uses eye-opening secretly filmed footage, observational footage and interviews with dedicated teams of inspectors and the police to tell the stories of some of the most outrageous scams.  

The executive producers for both series are Camilla Lewis and Nick Cory-Wright, with Suzy Davis series producing Claimers. Claimers was commissioned by Liam Keelan, Controller Daytime and Gerry Melling, Commissioning Executive Producer, Daytime.  Pet School was commissioned by CBBC Controller Damian Kavanagh and executive produced for the BBC by Kez Margrie, Executive Producer, Independents for CBBC.

Camilla Lewis, Managing Director of Cineflix Productions (UK) said: “CBBC have given us a fantastic opportunity to explore the perennial problem all parents and kids face about getting a pet:  will kids really be ready to take on the full commitment of pet ownership or do they just like the fantasy? As with Cineflix’s recent commissions for the Channel 4 Goes Mad season, Pet School and Claimers take on serious and important subjects and find new and entertaining ways to engage the widest audience.”

Cineflix Productions (UK) is a subsidiary of Cineflix Media Inc.

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