Cineflix’s New Documentary Explores The Quest for Gold

The history of gold on Earth began eons ago when gold-rich meteorites bombarded the planet. Billions of years later, we're still obsessed with the glittering metal. Ever since we first laid eyes on it, we’ve been trying to unearth as much gold as humanly possible. Recounting this astonishing and often violent saga, Cineflix’s all-new two-hour documentary special The Quest for Gold premieres Sunday, December 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on National Geographic Channel in the US.

Combining state-of-the-art CGI with archival footage and cinematic historical drama, The Quest for Gold travels through time to revisit some of the most significant chapters in our quest. It also reveals today’s techniques for finding, mining, and refining gold, and interviews key players like the legendary tycoon Donald Trump, experts at Barrick Goldstrike Mine in Nevada, and London art and antique dealer Wartski to help understand our obsession with the metal that never loses its luster.

The Quest for Gold uncovers the painstaking efforts we undertake to get our hands on the most prized precious metal,” said Jacqueline Bynon, Executive Producer, Cineflix. “From the panhandlers of the Great California Gold Rush to today’s massive mines, The Quest for Gold brings this epic story to life.”

Produced by Cineflix, the two-hour documentary will also air on ICI Explora in French Canada during Summer 2015.

The Quest for Gold is a Cineflix (Gold) Inc. production, in association with National Geographic Channels and ICI Explora. Alex Bystram and Jacqueline Bynon are among the Executive Producers for Cineflix. The documentary is based on the book Gold by Matthew Hart and is distributed internationally by Cineflix Rights.

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