Cineflix Rights delivers over 4,600 hours of content to broadcasters worldwide and has a solid reputation as a reliable provider of superior programming. The sales team works closely with key broadcasters and has a deep understanding of their clients’ needs. Cineflix Rights has the expertise and reach to ensure exceptional results.

“Professionalism and affability make Cineflix a pleasure to deal with. The content is always reliably top class."

A&E Networks (UK)

“Cineflix is one distributor that I go back to time and time again. The sales team is knowledgeable, efficient and understands how to cut a deal that is win-win for both sides.  As a buyer, you really feel they understand your programming needs and are always keeping an eye out for something that might work for your channel — it’s probably why they consistently place so much product with us.”

National Geographic Channel (US and International)

“Cineflix is a top notch operation, from their program offerings and their professionalism to their knowledge of what works in our schedule. The sales team works hard to ensure that every deal allows for success on both sides. Their catalogue is unique and brings diversity and talent to the ID line up.”

Investigation Discovery (US)