Air Ways

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29 x 30 min (3 seasons)
2009 - 2011

Episode breakdown
Episode breakdown

Air Ways

Season I 2009….8 x 30 min
Season II 2010….8 x 30 min
Season III 2011…13 x 30 min
Series Total: 29 x 30 min

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There's no such thing as a typical day in the skies. Filmed on location in Australia and featuring unprecedented behind-the-scenes access, Air Ways follows a new budget airline—and its passengers—as they experience everything from a mid-air marriage, to lost luggage, to major delays, and cancelled flights. There's comedy, drama, and the occasional mystery as everyday Australians travel the continent. While passengers love the discounted fares, the no-frills service can sometimes put them over the edge.

Seven Network (Australia)

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