Alcatraz: The Greatest Escapes

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Over nearly 30 notorious years there were 13 documented escape attempts from 'Hellcatraz.' The obstacles were massive and many; thick impenetrable concrete wall, barbed wire, a high guard count, and, above all, 1.5 miles of swift tides and cold water. The escapees were either captured or died trying. Some attempts were downright dumb, like the inmate who thought stuffing his pockets with rocks would help him float. Others were bloody and ruthless, like the fearsome riot called the "Battle of '46."  Over time, the inmates' attempts became more sophisticated, and gradually they grew closer to success.
Featuring new evidence, never-before-seen archive footage, and interviews with guards and inmates, Alcatraz: The Greatest Escapes tells the incredible story of 'The Rock'.
Michael Hoff Productions for Reelz (US)

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