Battle of the Somme

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On July 1, 1916 the Battle of the Somme became the bloodiest day in the history of the British Empire.  Almost 20,000 soldiers lost their lives. Since then, debate has raged over the only combat footage of the battle.  Is the footage real or is it fake? Now a team of First World War investigators is trying to do what no one has ever done—use forensic science to solve a 90-year-old mystery trapped on film.

On that day in 1916, men from the First Newfoundland Regiment went over the trenches and into history. They were virtually wiped out. Now, as their descendants march back in time to find out what they went through, the silent film shot on The Somme surrenders its secrets. Together they reveal what really happened on that fateful day.

Yap Films for History (Canada) 

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