Brother Vs. Brother

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34 x 60 min (6 seasons)

2013 - 2018

Episode breakdown
Episode breakdown

Brother Vs. Brother

Season I 2013….….6 x 60 min
Season II 2014…….6 x 60 min
Season III 2015…….4 x 60 min
Season IV 2016.......6 x 60 min
Season V 2017........6 x 60 min 
Season VI 2018.......6 x 60 min 

Series Total: 34 x 60 min


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In Brother Vs. Brother, hosts Jonathan and Drew Scott of the Property Brothers are pitted against one another as they each mentor a team of home-improvement experts who compete in weekly challenges to raise property values in comparable homes.

Each brother mentors his respective team by providing advice and sharing experience, but it’s ultimately up to the competitors to make smart choices and the final decisions. The house with the highest property value increase wins. The weakest link from the losing team is eliminated until only one remains. The last one standing wins a cash prize, and one Scott brother walks away with bragging rights as the series’ home renovation coach of the year! 




Scott Brothers Entertainment for HGTV (US)

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