Cars, Cops & Criminals

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8 x 60 min (2 seasons)
2008 - 2009

Episode breakdown
Episode breakdown

Cars, Cops & Criminals

Season I 2008... 3 x 60 min
Season II 2009... 5 x 60 min
Series Total: 8 x 60 min

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While criminals have been stealing cars for decades, what used to be isolated cases of drunken joyrides has now become big business.

Cars, Cops & Criminals uncovers just how serious—and lucrative—auto theft has become. Viewers get behind-the-scenes access to the Association of Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (AVCIS) as each episode uncovers how the AVCIS uses increasingly sophisticated methods to catch criminals and reveals the best ways to prevent viewers from becoming victims of these crimes.

Steadfast Television for BBC (UK)

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