City Medical

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30 x 60 min (5 seasons)
2001 - 2002

Episode breakdown
Episode breakdown

City Medical

Season I 2001………6 x 60 min
Season II 2001……...6 x 60 min
Season III 2002……..6 x 60 min
Season IV 2002.…….6 x 60 min
Season V 2002………6 x 60 min
Series Total: 30 x 60 min

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City Medical takes viewers behind-the-scenes of some of the busiest and best medical centres in America’s largest cities. From the cutting-edge medicine in Los Angeles hospitals, to Las Vegas, Nevada where new hospitals are going up faster than in any other region in the U.S., we see how each facility’s medical teams deal with all the drama and chaos that face them and how they make sure patients receive the best care possible.

LMNO Cable Group for Discovery Health Channel (US)

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