Crimes That Shook Britain

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48 x 60 min (8 seasons)

2010 - 2017

Episode breakdown
Episode breakdown

Crimes That Shook Britain

Season I (2008)........6 x 60 min
Season II (2010).......6 x 60 min
Season III (2012)......6 x 60 min
Season IV (2014).......6 x 60 min
Season V (2014)........6 x 60 min
Season VI (2015).......6 x 60 min
Season VII (2016)......6 x 60 min
Season VIII (2017).....6 x 60 min
Series Total: 48 x 60 min


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Crimes That Shook Britain reveals the stories behind the most horrific crimes ever to hit the UK. Featuring intimate interviews with victims, families, and investigating officers, this series gains unprecedented access, and through exclusive never-before-seen footage explores the highest-profile crimes to rock the nation.


  • The 2017 Manchester Arena bombing where 23 people were killed following an Ariana Grande concert, when a homemade bomb was detonated.
  • Serving soldier drummer Lee Rigby, who was brutally murdered in broad daylight by two radicalized British Muslim men.
  • Once national treasure Jimmy Savile, who is now the most vilified man in the UK.

Australian series available. 




Title Role Productions for C&I Network (UK) and Foxtel (Australia)

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