Growing Up McGhee

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20 x 30 min (2 seasons)

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Episode breakdown
Episode breakdown

Growing Up McGhee

Season I 2016............10 x 30 min
Season II 2017...........10 x 30 min

Series Total: 20 x 30 min

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In Growing Up McGhee, follow a fun-loving family as they embrace the adventure of raising energetic sextuplets. For 10 years, Ro and Mia tried to have children, but they never imagined they’d end up with six in one go! Life was busy enough back when their little ones were in diapers. But now that the kids are five years old, the frantic feeding schedules and toddler-centric issues have been replaced by kindergarten chore-charts and some seriously feisty opinions—times six. Never before have Ro and Mia felt more outnumbered! And yet they wouldn’t change a single thing.


Scored UP’s strongest premiere night in P/W25-54 in 2016 and over 1.9 million viewers tuned in the first week.

Figure 8 Films for UP Entertainment (US)

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