Massive Moves

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39 x 30 min (2 seasons)

2011 - 2012

Episode breakdown
Episode breakdown

Massive Moves

Season I 2011……..13 x 30 min
Season II 2012……..26 x 30 min

Series Total: 39 x 30 min

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Imagine the challenge of moving an entire house from one location to another—the fixtures, walls, and roof all in tact—through a major city, over a mountain, or even across a lake! These are some of the challenges specialised moving teams and engineers routinely face in Massive Moves.

Whether it’s moving an historic home from an eroding cliff, relocating from a noisy industrial pig farm, or divorcing couples sawing their home in half to split ownership, no problem is too big for these teams.

Windfall Films Ltd. (part of the Argonon Group)/Cineflix Productions for Shaw Media/HGTV (Canada) and Canal D (Canada)

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