Karena & Kasey's Foreign Flavours

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20 x 30 min (2 seasons)

2016 - 2017

Episode breakdown
Episode breakdown

Karena & Kasey's Foreign Flavours

Season I 2016.....10 x 30 min 

Season II 2017.....10 x 30 min 


Series Total.....20 x 30 min 

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Crowned the youngest ever winners of MasterChef, self-taught cooking sensations, Karena and Kasey Bird, are taking on the world one plate at a time!

In this exciting series, Kasey and Karena, who have barely traveled in their own country, let alone the rest of the world, embark on an epic culinary tour around the globe. From destinations in Asia, Europe, the Pacific, and the Americas, the sisters gain fresh insight into indigenous cultures and cuisines and are challenged to bring their unique style of cuisine to different cultures.

Imagination Television Limited for TVNZ (New Zealand)

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