My Floating Home

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27 x 30 min or 14 x 60 min (2 seasons)

2016 - 2018

Episode breakdown
Episode breakdown

My Floating Home

Season I (2016)..... 13 x 30 min or 6 x 60 min
Season II (2018).....14 x 30 min or 8 x 60 min
Series Total: 27 x 30 min or 14 x 60 min

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Traditional waterfront properties are expensive and hard to find, so families who have always dreamed of waking up to unspoiled river views or watching the sunset over a seascape are taking the ultimate plunge to build an ‘aquatic home’ that floats on water. 
In this series, Mark Evans charts the exploits of people who aspire to leave landlocked suburbia behind to live in the ultimate floating dream home. From San Francisco to Seattle, Vancouver to Holland, the Great Lakes to the River Thames in London, Mark follows the drama and challenges of constructing, launching, fitting out, and furnishing unique floating homes.
Season 1: Windfall Films Ltd. (part of the Argonon Group)/Cascade Productions for A+E Networks/FYI (US), Shaw Media (Canada), and Channel 4 (UK)
Season 2: Windfall Films Ltd. (part of the Argonon Group) for A+E Networks/FYI (US), and Channel 4 (UK)

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