Rediscovering T.rex

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T.rex is the most famous predator to have ever walked the Earth. This icon continues to capture the imagination of generations, but how much do we really know about this legendary creature? Rediscovering T.rex is a myth-busting, cutting edge, science documentary exposing the inaccuracies and misrepresentations surrounding this infamous dinosaur for centuries, culminating in the most accurate, photo-real, fully-animated CGI model of T.rex ever attempted.

This special assembles captivating clues from world-class international experts who reveal astonishing untold truths about T.rex, based on a new era of palaeontology, zoology, ground-breaking discovery, and technology from all over the world. This ultimate collaboration redesigns an icon of our time with spectacular CGI.

Talesmith/Cineflix Productions for BBC (UK), CBC (Canada) and France TV

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